Living the Dream

“Don’t dream your life; Live your dream”

So before I arrived in Madrid for my year as an ERASMUS student, I was numbingly apprehensive about what to expect. My hopes weren’t sky high as my experience at university last year, my first year, was difficult for me both emotionally and physically.

So as me and boyfriend, Sam, packed our bags and said our tearful goodbyes at East Midland airport, I was excited but not overwhelmingly. Our first stop was Malaga to visit Sam’s family and there I had the most amazing few days, I was that kind of content where I felt I was in another world. A solace before the difficulties that were to come.

In Madrid, we have a beautiful flat paid six months upfront as we had no doubt in our heads that Sam would find a full time job with no issues, as he is bilingual with years of working experience behind him in both Spain and England. Or so we thought.

I have completely fallen in love with the city. I love the laid back attitude; I love how many languages I hear each day; I love the Andalusian horses; I love the metro; I love ‘tinto de verano’; I love walking to university as the sun rises; I love my lime green kitchen; I love the parks; I love the lilac bin bags that smell like parma violets and most of all I love the people I have met here. I finally feel as though I am living my dream and I have found what I am here to do in this life: travel!

Yet, unfortunately, we are now in our second month here and Sam has failed to secure a job, which is placing a huge shadow of our adventure in Madrid. He has gone back to Malaga and earned some money to keep us afloat, but otherwise money is simply draining out my student savings account and it pains me to think what our future holds here.

But for now I shall continue to study, learn spanish and meet new people in this beautiful city that never sleeps.


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